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Lawn Services and Landscaping Companies Are Getting A Lot of Flack Lately But We Are the Exception to the Rule!

lawn services and landscaping

Lawn Services and Landscaping

Trees and plants are the best sources of oxygen. They also make the surroundings cool. Having trees and plants in your gardens makes your surroundings perfect for clean living. Trees and plants not only release oxygen they also, at the same time, remove carbon dioxide from the environment; a perfect trade-off for human survival, if I may say so. Let us help you keep the balance of nature in your favor and maintain your present ecology. We at High Performance Lawn Services are experts in lawn services and landscaping jobs and we always do both the best we can no matter how small or big the task at hand.

Our performance is something that goes against the present direction that the lawn services and landscaping business is going. According to the Better Business Bureau, this type of enterprise garnered the highest complaints among its customers last year. A lot of companies are getting the F rating, which is the lowest possible rating a company could get.

What usually makes things go awry in lawn services and landscaping jobs

No clear task agreement. We are always careful with what we do. A checklist is available concerning the job that you want us to do. Lawn services and landscaping is such a broad term and misunderstandings may crop up because the customers and the service company are not thinking alike. Customers assume that the lawn services and landscaping provider knows what to do and the provider also assumes that the most pressing part of their job is to clean up the mess. We don’t allow these things from happening to you.

Dubious payment schemes. The rates of our services and what discounts you’re entitled to if you pay by monthly or annually are no enigma; they’re all available for you to see. How will you pay; by cash or by credit card? We make sure that we have a complete understanding about the financial side of the business. You have the right to know what you’re getting and how much you’re paying. You can find all this information and more in the contract. Every job offer begins with a contract.

Undertrained workers and substandard equipment. Another source of misunderstandings is the substandard performance job that many lawn services and landscaping companies offer to their clients. They’re giving a bad name to the industry. The most probable reasons for these poor results are unqualified personnel. Their working staffs have no training and have very limited experience. The results might be also due to inadequate equipment. Shovels and rakes are still part of gardening but it takes more than those to come up with the desired results. Again, you won’t encounter these problems with us.

Lawn Services and Landscaping Prices

We offer the following services aside from the usual lawn services and landscaping jobs. We plant trees, trim trees, cut trees, cut grass, and so on. Exceptionally low prices are what create most of these problems today. But this doesn’t mean you have to pay very high prices. Come to us and we’ll show you how to enjoy your garden most with the lowest expense possible and hassle free besides.

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