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Coral Springs Lawn Care Services Will Give Your lawn the Perfect Patch!!

Coral Springs Lawn Care by High Performance lawn Services

Lawn care is one thing that anyone who has enough time can do with respectable results. But even if you have enough time to do it, there’s a limit to what size you can effectively handle. Between your time and the size of the lawn, it’ll be wiser if you give the responsibility to a professional lawn care service company. If we’re good at giving tips we’re even better at doing them. We’re called Coral Springs Lawn Care Services, a satellite service company of High Performance lawn Services is one of the most respected names in the lawn care business.

Coral Springs Lawn Care Services has your lawn covered each season of the year with specific plans on making them look perfectly healthy and fresh.

Every season has its own peculiarities. Summer is dry and is the best time for mowing; more water is needed by the grass. Spring is when the ground is soft and replanting the grass is highly ideal; remove grass from thick turfs and then transfer them to the thinning areas. Fall is perfect for applying fertilizer. Our Coral Springs Lawn Care experts have lined up the lawn care activities for each season; what we’ve given you are just a few of the many things we can do to give your lawn the perfect patch.

Mowing is part of lawn care; it’s a science. Coral Springs Lawn Care follows certain rules when mowing your lawn grass. We maintain taller grass during spring and fall seasons because there’s an abundant water supply, but we cut them shorter during summer. The shorter the blade the less water it needs to survive. Coral Springs Lawn Care technicians are careful not to cut 1/3 of the grass length at any given time; this will have a bad effect on the grass.

Dethatching is removing dead grass from the lawn for the purpose of aerating and allowing more water and fertilizer absorption into the ground. Our usual practice in Coral Springs Lawn Care Services is to remove dead grass overlaying healthy grass. They’re going to spoil your lawn’s view. However, in areas where there are no grass growths, they’re better left alone to discourage weeds from growing.

Coral Springs Lawn Care experts would like to remind you that the right amount of water should be used; and only in certain times of day.

Another important thing about your lawn grass is to water them just before sunrise. The roots will absorb the water before the sun dries them up. Coral Springs Lawn Care Services discourages watering them after dusk. Too much water will encourage the growth of powdery mildew fungi. They can attack the grass blades causing severe damage.

We at Coral Springs Lawn Care Services have made extensive studies about how to properly take care of your grass. Our Coral Springs Lawn Care experts believe that taking care of the grass is the best step in taking care of your lawn.

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